Keep a Sturdy Roof Over Your Head with help from Knight Roofing

Get professional residential roofing services in Big Country and surrounding areas

Did your roof spring a leak? Maybe it's getting old and is due for a replacement. Knight Roofing can provide the residential roofing services you need. Our roofing company installs and repairs 3-Tab, laminated and designer shingle along with metal roofs roofs in Abilene, TX and the surrounding area. We can...

  • Submit information to your insurance company to help make the process as smooth as possible
  • Inspect your roof to assess the damage and perform effective repairs
  • Replace your roof with a new installation if it's old or significantly damaged

Your roof is important for protecting your home from the elements. Make sure you hire a roofing company that can fix your roof quickly and properly. Call us today for residential roofing services.

Stop water in its tracks

Stop water in its tracks

Water is one of the most common sources of interior damage. That's why Knight Roofing repairs and installs composition shingle commercial roofing in the Abilene, Texas area. Composite roofs reinforce traditional asphalt with fiberglass to provide a durable waterproof seal. You can rest assured that your roof will keep water out and leave your store, church or nursing home safe.

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